Our Profile – Chinmaya Mission New Zealand


CMNZ is a part of a global organization which started its activities in 1953. Chinmaya Mission has operations in every continent of the globe with over three hundred centres. Our headquarters is based in Mumbai, India. Our website is www.chinmayamission.com

In New Zealand , Chinmaya Mission conducts its activities in Auckland, Nelson, Wanganui and Wellington.


CMNZ is a registered charitable organization with the Companies Office since 2002. It is also registered (CC20072) with the Charities Commission since 2007. It’s primary aim is to spread the philosophy of Vedanta in order to give maximum happiness to maximum people for maximum time.


The inspiration behind this organization is the life and work of H.H. Swami Chinmayananda. His main focus is to bring awareness and appreciation of Indian culture and its philosophy to the children and the youth so that they live in harmony with themselves and in their surroundings. Our events provide a stage where the youth can develop and showcase their talents. Our activities are geared to bring about inner transformation in individuals through spiritual practices and service to society.


Being a charitable organization, all donations made to CMNZ are eligible for a 33% rebate from the IRD. From 2008-09 onwards the donation limit of $1,890 has been removed thus allowing you to claim 33% rebate on the total amount donated without any upper limit.


CMNZ gets it’s accounts audited annually. These can be made available to you on request.


CMNZ has been conducting activities in Auckland since 1999 and in Nelson since 1995-96. Its activities are open to all and &caters to every age group in society, from 5 years and above.


The Mission does not have a membership fee for its activities and is open to all. However, currently the mission serves nearly 100 children, 50 youth and nearly 1ooo families through its activities and newsletters.

Chinmaya Mission New Zealand Organogram

Swamini Amritananda, Trustee – Resident Teacher, Nelson Centre

Swami Swaroopananda, Chairman

Swami Atulananda –Resident Teacher, Auckland Centre​


  1. Mr. Kishan Raj, PRESIDENT Chartered Accountant & Tax Consultant
  2. Mrs. Prabha Hariswamy, Treasurer/Trustee Accountant
  3. Mr. Kerseven Naidoo, Board Secretary Technician, Vodafone NZ
  4. Mr. Vinod Kumar, Trustee Entrepreneur
  5. Mr. Ramalingam Ulaganathan, Trustee Corporate Trainer

  7. Mrs. Subhashini Karan, Trustee Primary School Teacher
  8. Mr. Vinayak Nigudkar, Trustee Logistics Management


Parshotam & Co. Lawyer


Mr. Vijay Talekar, Tax Experts Ltd.

Our Funding Partners

Chinmaya Mission is able to hold its activities smoothly with the help of some generous financial support from the community funding groups and government bodies.

We would like to acknowledge their ongoing support. Thank you!